We were asked to write some factsheets and hold events with young people (11–18 years old) in England and Wales so they can learn about:

•  their rights in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (or CRC for short)
•  the UK Government’s role to protect them and report about how they do this
•  how young people can get involved

Almost 90 young people went to events in London, Manchester and Swansea. We worked with the young people to write some factsheets and we also made a short video explaining how the CRC works and where young people can find out more info and get involved.

What happened at the events?

The young people took part in activities to learn all about their rights in the CRC, how they are protected and the role of the UK Government, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (or CRC Committee for short) and other organisations. During the day an artist helped us by drawing pictures to describe what the young people said during the events. This was really popular with the young people and lots of them joined in to help with the artwork.

The other highlight for the young people at the events was a game where the young people learnt about the CRC Committee and what they do. They got to tell adults playing the role of the Committee what they thought the important human rights issues were for young people in the UK.

What did young people say about the resources?

We suggested some info we thought the fact sheets should include and asked the young people for their thoughts. The young people said the fact sheets should:

  • be simple – and easy to understand
  • be short – with not a lot of words and more space for design and images
  • be good looking – they should use lots of images and colour.

We listened to what the young people said and changed the factsheets. Young people also said it would be good to have this info in other formats. There is a short video to watch:

We produced the final factsheets and animation, using the artwork from the events as a starting point. We’ve also made Easy-Read versions of the fact sheets as well as Welsh versions so lots of young people can learn about the CRC.

Thank you!

Thanks to all of the young people who came to the events. We hope you enjoyed it and learnt something new.