Did you know that until October 2018, every time you buy Co-ops products you could be supporting the British Institute of Human Rights?

The Co-op Local Causes Fund means that when Members buy own-brand products and services, the Co-op will give 1% to a local cause. This year you can chose BIHR as a local cause, and every time you buy Co-op goods you will be helping to support our vital work to bring human rights to life. 

To participate in the scheme you simply need to be a Co-op Member AND live within 15 miles of East London (our offices are in E1). Then go online www.coop.co.uk/membership and make the British Institute of Human Rights your cause.

This funding will help BIHR to hold free learning events on mental health and human rights in Tower Hamlets later this year. With your support we can make this happen, ensuring the local people's human rights are respected and protected when they need mental health support.

Watch Lorraine's story to see how our work makes a positive difference to people's lives, making sure they are treated with dignity and respect, often at the most difficult times in their lives: