Accessible Human Rights Resources for Self-Advocates 

Warrington Speak Up is a free independent advocacy service based in the North West of England. They have a team of professional advocates who support people with care and support needs to have their voice heard, and they also create resources and hold groups to enable people to advocate for themselves.

Human Rights Officer Annie is working with self-advocates at Warrington Speak Up to create accessible human rights resources so that they feel more confident to us the language of human rights in their self-advocacy.

The Solution Statement 

At the Define workshop Warrington Speak Up created the following solution statement:

As someone who has learning disabilities and needs support at home.

I want to understand my human rights in.

So that I can be confident in stating what I want and what I am going to do day to day (rather than asking permission).

About the project

The human rights “solution” will consist of a set of printable Easy Read postcards with human rights information. They have decided to focus on 5 rights protected by the Human Rights Act: the right to life (2), the right to be safe from serious harm (3), the right to liberty (5), the right to respect for private and family life, home and contact (8), and the right to be treated fairly (14). There will be two double-sided postcards per right, allowing space for a description of the right, and examples of when the right is looked after and restricted. Warrington Speak Up also suggested approaching Photosymbols to create new human rights images for these postcards.


What have we done so far?

Warrington Speak Up have met with the group of self-advocates several times to get their thoughts about this project. They have shared their ideas about what the Photosymbols should look like, and they have also shared some ideas for scenarios to show the rights in action.

Here is a photo of some ideas the group had about what the new human rights Photosymbols should look like...

Annie fed these ideas back to Photosymbols, who did a photoshoot and created 5 new human rights images. Annie used these in a first draft of the postcards, which she then shared with the group of self-advocates at Warrington Speak Up, got their feedback, and used this to make a final draft.

On Human Rights Day, 10 December 2021, BIHR invited the Chief Executive of Warrington Speak Up Mandy Taviner to talk about this project. Click below to watch a clip of Mandy speaking about the importance of coproduction in this work...

Next Steps

BIHR is currently testing the final draft of the postcards with self-advocates who attend the North West Regional Forum. Annie attended the regional forum in January 2022, and she will be going back in February to share the postcards and get feedback from the group. Annie has also made a survey where people can look at the postcards and say what they think about them. The survey can be found here.