A tool to support the carrying out of Children's Rights Impact Assessments

Together are an alliance of Scottish children's charities that works to improve the awareness, understanding and implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Together are working with Human Rights Officer Natalie to develop a clear and accessible tool to support their members with Children's Rights Impact Assessments. The tool will also be useful for duty bearers, and support a wider understanding of Impact Assessments.

The Solution Statement

At the Define workshop Together created the following solution statement:

As a member organisations working in Scotland's children's sector

We want to upskill and empower Together members to conduct Children Rights Impact Assessments so 

So that Together members can integrate Children’s Rights Impact assessments into their work in a meaningful way.

The Challenge

Ahead of incorporation of The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into Scots law, Together members have raised that they feel like they do not fully understand what Children’s Rights Impact Assessments (CRIA) are and who is going to be responsible for completing them. The UNCRC Incorporation (Scotland) Bill places statutory responsibilities on Scottish Ministers to complete and publish CRIA’s for all policy changes and strategic decisions that affect children. 

There is concern amongst many Together Scotland members that CRIA run the risk of becoming a box ticking exercise. This project seeks to address this fear – and provide practical ways in which to incorporate CRIA’s into all aspects of policy and decision-making work across the children’s sector to properly consider how organisational changes affect children’s rights.  


Project Aim

  1. Extend understanding of what Children’s Rights Impact Assessments (CRIA) are, how they work, and the benefits of using them. 
  2. Provide an accessible and practical tool to assist duty holders, practitioners, and civil society actors to undertake Children’s Rights Impact Assessments (CRIA) in their work to better understand human rights implications of policy decisions using the FAIR framework.  
  3. Offer a comprehensive resource bank of information, pulling together resources from across the sector, examples of CRIA’s, and mapping of the Rights contained within the UNCRC and Human Rights Act.  


Project Outputs:  

A brief video explaining: 

  • What Child Rights (wellbeing) Impact Assessments (CRIA/CRWIA) are 
  • Who should be undertaking them?  
  • Why they should be undertaken (even if there is not a legal duty to do so) 
  • How they should be done (process description) 

Simplified tool/template version of CRIA modelled around the FAIR framework. 

  • Asking the same questions but in a streamlined way using plain language  
  • Links throughout to relevant examples/resources. 
  • The aim is to produce an easy/quick to fill in form – that asks the same things, without the need to input lots of substantive legal text setting out details of each right.  
  • The focus would be on capturing the impact on policies/decisions on children.  

Easy to use resource highlighting which rights are at stake: 

  • Mapping attaching UNCRC rights to relevant HRA articles.