A resource for staff to use Human Rights in their work  

Hopscotch Works with hard to reach communities, women with multiple barriers, women with multiple and complex needs, providing a wrap around service, providing a trauma-informed service. Hopscotch is based in Camden in London. Hopscotch Women’s Centre provide services for BAME women who are experiencing inequality and abuse. They also provide care at home through their homecare service.  

Hopscotch are working with BIHR Human Rights Officer Katrin to support staff and people accessing services be more confident in using human rights.

The Solution Statement

At the Define workshop Hopscotch created the following solution statement:

As a Staff member in community organisation working with Black and minoritised women.

I want to train staff members and provide accessible and relevant resources so that they become more confident in using HR when interacting with service users.

So that staff have the confidence to locate their day-to-day work supporting service users within a HR framework.

The Project so Far

BIHR held a fact finding workshop with Hospscotch staff. As with all our research and co- design this workshop began with upskilling the staff on the Human Rights Act and how it might work in their job roles.

In the mapping session we found out:

Most staff do not think that they have a lot of knowledge in human rights.

We asked them: How would you rate your knowledge in human rights law? 36% rated their knowledge 2 out of 5  and 36 % rated their knowledge 3 out of 5

Most staff are not very confident in using the language of  human rights in their work

We asked them: How confident do you feel in using the language of human rights in your work? 43% rated their confidence 2 out of 5 and 29% rated their knowledge 3 out of 5

Most staff think human rights are very relevant to their work.

We asked them: How relevant do you think that human rights are to your everyday work? 79% rated this 5 out 5.

The types of support staff identified to increase their knowledge and confidence in human rights included:

  • Written materials that can be accessed at any times.
  • An explainer on what the law says
  • Useful phrases and key words
  • Training Sessions
  • Webinars
  • A simple online resource pack
  • A space to talk about human rights at work

Human rights steering group: At the end of the fact finding session Hopspcotch staff  explained that they would like to set up a human rights steering group at Hopscotch to help guide this work and also to set up a space to talk more about human rights.

Next Steps

We analysed the results of the session and decided that we wanted to create a written resource that would be available for staff to access online internally. We decided that we would create a draft resource and then test this with a steering group/ staff panel.

Once the resource is finished, BIHR will deliver a staff training session using the resource to support staff to engage with it as a tool for their work.