21 March 2017

One of the unique aspects of working at BIHR is that we seek to empower and support both advocacy organisations that speak up for people, and those public officials that have a legal duty under the Human Rights Act to respect, protect and fulfil rights. Our work shows that when properly understood the Human Rights Act provides a universal, non-confrontational language that puts people at the heart of our public services. This has been central to our projects with social workers.

Today, World Social Work Day, which happily falls during our March for Human Rights campaign, we wanted to share with you how our Human Rights Act is supporting social work practitioners. The staff we work with tell us how human rights helps them to reflect, challenge and change their decisions and services, delivering the best for the people they work with:


These are just some of the practitioners BIHR works with through our project "Delivering Compassionate Care: Connecting Human Rights to the Frontline". Working with seven pilots across England we are aiming to place human rights at the heart of mental health and capacity services, helping to ensure frontline staff have the knowledge and skills to fulfil the vital role they can play in upholding the dignity and human rights of the people using their service.


We have co-developed a new series of tools, to support frontline staff to deliver compassionate, person-centred care, working across dementia, learning disabilities, children and young people, early intervention, rehabilitation, and social care intervention.  Click on the image below to find our more, including to download your free copies.