A key way to make human rights change lives is to make them practical. Human rights are about every single one of us, and the law provides a practical framework for how we can make sure everyone is treated with equal dignity and respect. 

At BIHR we work with lots of different people to help them use human rights to change lives, for examples:

  • staff providing end of life care, including with  Sue Ryder,
  • nurses working in a whole range of settings, including with the RCN
  • midwives, including our partners Birthrights and the RCM
  • staff providing dementia services and support, including with our partners Bristol Dementia Well-being Service
  • staff working in mental health accommodation and on hospital discharge, including with our partner St Martin of Tours Housing Association
  • early intervention teams, including with Tess Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Trust
  • rehabilitation staff, including with AWP

Importantly, we also work with people receiving services and their advocates to make sure they know their rights and are able to use them everyday. Working with NSUNWish, Mind Brighton & Hove, BHA Leeds Skyline, Healthwatch Blackburn with Darwen, and ncompass we have made real changes to people's lives. You can read our stories of change, and the resources we've produced together on our Health and Care Human Rights Hub.

BIHR took part in the Christmas Challenge 2017, where our amazing supporters raised a massive £3,271.75 through online donations and matched funds. Although donations are no longer being matched, you can still donate today to support our March for Human Rights campaign.

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Your support means BIHR will be able to visit towns and cities across the UK and make sure more people know their rights and how to prevent being treated poorly in health, care, education and in lots of other everyday situations.

The final word should be by those we work with ...