By: Kate Temple-Mabe

24 January 2018

We spent Monday evening at Surbiton High School for girls, for the culmination of our annual Human Rights Young Researchers project. The project brings together year 9 students from Surbiton High School and Tiffin School for boys.

The students came to BIHR at Queen Mary University of London in September for a one-day teaching session on human rights. They then formed groups and selected human rights topics to research, carrying out primary and secondary research, writing up papers discussing their findings for BIHR to mark. The topics selected covered a broad range of difficult and complex human rights issues, such as refugees, workers’ rights, LGBTQ discrimination, and NHS care for immigrants.

On Monday evening, the students presented their research to their peers, family and friends – and faced some tough grilling in the Q&A sessions following each presentation! Questions ranged from the implications of Brexit to prioritising healthcare within the NHS.

We were so impressed with all of the students’ ability to engage with these tough topics, identify the human rights issues involved, conduct good primary/secondary research, and present their findings confidently and clearly.

Many congratulations to all of the girls and boys, and in particular to the prize-winners! A group from Surbiton won the Best Written essay award and Audience Choice presentation award on the night for their work on assisted dying, whilst groups from Tiffin won the awards for Best Researched essay and Best Presentation for work on the voting age and restriction of liberty, respectively.

We’re proud to work with both Surbiton and Tiffin schools to help students learn about human rights, and develop their research skills. Already looking forward to seeing what they do next year!