At BIHR we have recently launched our new Communities of Practice Platform, this is essentially BIHR’s own little social networking site where you can all have your say on the key human rights issues that affect your life and work.

On Communities of Practice you can:

  • Access our resources and information and find out about human rights training. We hold monthly Lunch and Learns where you can discuss human rights with BIHR staff.
  • Discuss and create change with people in a similar situation, whether that is about your life or your work. We have 3 community groups you can join: 1. People accessing health and care services; 2. Campaigning/Advocacy groups; 3. People working in health and care.
  • Share your expert experience with us. This will inform what we tell those in positions of power about the human rights issues that impact you, including but not limited to the 2 inquiries mentioned above.


If you are accessing or trying to access care and support, or support a family member or friend then you can Joint our “People” Community.

If you would like to join up as an organisation and continue human rights conversations, you can join our “Advocacy and Campaigning” Community.         

If you work in public services and or in a private, charitable or voluntary bodies delivering public services , you can join our "Staff" Community.                                                                                                           

If you would like your voice to directly impact our human rights policy responses, please join!


Joining Communities of Practice (with a how to video)

To join Communities of Practice you must first register. Click in on this link: 

When you click you will see this login page:



You just have to click register and you are good to go. This video will take you step-by-step through the process.

You will have to log in every time you want to access the platform.


How to login to Communities of Practice and Join a Group

How to post in a forum and register for an event

If you have any issues at all with registration please don’t hesitate to Eilidh at [email protected]