Responding to political and media stories about tackling terrorism and changing human rights laws, Stephen Bowen, Director of the British Institute of Human Rights said:  


The human response to terrorism is often a mixture of fear and anger, the search for answers and compassion for the victims. Our human rights laws were designed for these difficult times.

Following the atrocities of two World Wars, the global community agreed there must be rules to safeguard human rights for all people, especially when facing our darkest moments.

Ensuring a system of checks and balances, ensuring we do not give into fear and ensuring we do not surrender the very values that are being attacked. These are the hallmarks of a civilised society which recognise human rights for what they are; the rulebook for making our democracy work.

Whatever the outcome of this week’s General Election, the British Institute of Human Rights will stand firm in ensuring the new government respects and protects our Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights.


Visit the General Election section of BIHR’s website here for more information about human rights in this general election, including why the Human Rights Act matters, what the political parties are saying, and BIHR’s commentary in the media.