Angela shared this story at the Lived Experience Roundtable that BIHR and Liberty held with the Independent Human Rights Act Review Panel. You can read more about this here.

About Angela:

Angela is Adrian Jennings’ mother. Adrian was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital at the age of 32, two weeks after his discharge from an inpatient mental health unit. Adrian’s inquest concluded that his death had been contributed to by a failure to implement and communicate an effective support plan following discharge from hospital.

Angela had to rely on the Right to Life (Article 2) of the Human Rights Act to secure an inquest that would investigate what happened, and hold the NHS Trust, the Commissioning Group and the Police to account for their failures to protect Adrian’s life. See here and her appearance at the All Part Parliamentary Group on Legal Aid.

How Angela used the Human Rights Act:

  • Enactment of the Right to Life (Article 2) of the HRA allowed us to bring the inadequacies of the systems in place within local acute health services and mental health services out of the shadows.
  • Applying the Right to Life (Article 2) provided us with a forum to shine a light on procedural and system failures.
  • Succeeded in ensuring matters that contributed to her son's death were acknowledged and consequently improvements were made to prevent future deaths.

In Angela’s own words:

 “We’re now helping lots of people and preventing unnecessary deaths, and thankfully, we were able to do that because of applying Article 2.