What we do:

At BIHR we aim for the light bulb moments - when people make the connection between human rights and the work they do every day. We move human rights from the law books to everyday life, using real examples and a practical human rights based approach.

Human Rights Resources 

We have co-produced a selection of practical human rights information resources. As we have worked closely with partners such as nurses, advocates and housing providers to create these guides we know that they are useful and practical in everyday, real life situations.

You can order or download the free guides here. 

Last year we launched our new self advocacy website Know Your Human Rights. KYHR gives you information about how human rights can help you have more control over your own life and be treated with dignity and respect. It is specifically aimed at people with mental health and/or mental capacity to help them to know when their rights might be at risk and how to use the law to resolve these issues.

Visit the website here. 

Creating Change in Organisations 

Organisations work better when they use a human rights based approach, staff have an effective decision making framework and those that use the service are empowered to know and use their rights.

Using our expertise and practical knowledge, we will work with you to create a bespoke plan for change, embedding a human rights based approach in your organisation. Helping your organisation respect and protect human rights, a legal duty which is set out in the Human Rights Act.

We also offer half-day and one day human rights training to kick start those light bulb moments.

Don't just take our word for it, in this video some of our public and third sectors partners talk about what is it like to work with us.

Find out more about creating change in your organisations here

BIHR Speaks

At BIHR we move human rights from the law books to everyday life, using real examples and a practical human rights based approach.

In 2019 we spoke at:

  • The 2019 National Advocacy Conference
  • Research in Practice for Adults (RiPA)- Conference on Children and Adult Social Care Services on Risk & Rights
  • Reducing Restraint Network Conference
  • The Humanists UK Convention
  • The Sue Ryder Human Rights in End of Life Care Conference
  • Shared Lives Conference

To name just a few!

If you would like to enquire about BIHR speaking at your event please email Raph on [email protected]bihr.org.uk or 0207 882 5850.