Using human rights: new rehab patients - Poster

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Work in mental capacity or mental health services? Want a handy reminder of what human rights you need to consider when making decisions? Our A2 posters are for you! 

This poster helps practitioners remember what human rights to consider when making decisions about introducing people to an inpatient rehab unit.

If you would like to order more than 2 hard copies of the same poster, please get in touch with us at [email protected] as we have limited stock. 

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All our posters - including this one - are available to download for free. Find out more about the whole set of posters and our toolkits for practitioners working on mental health and/or capacity.

The posters and toolkits were produced as part of our project Delivering Compassionate Care: Connecting Human Rights to the Frontline, funded by the Department of Health. For more information about the project or the posters please contact Helen on [email protected] or 0207 882 5851.