Tuesday 10th May 2022 was the State Opening of Parliament. This marks the beginning of a new parliamentary session and includes a Queen's Speech, announcing which laws the Government wants to introduce or amend this year.

In this year's speech, the Government said it wants to introduce a new Bill that will replace our Human Rights Act and make it harder for all of us to access our rights. Our CEO, Sanchita, said:

People and power, that's what our Human Rights Act is about, and it's what this Government's plans to reduce our protections is about - weakening our rights and reducing their responsibility to us. Every single day people rely on our Human Rights Act, because we know this world isn't perfect. As the Queen's Speech was read, at BIHR we're working with staff in mental health hospitals to know and uphold their duties in the Human Rights Act to support children. Our Human Rights Act is about us all. People like you and me. Our loved ones and neighbours. All of us.

Working with 1000s of people each year, including public officials, we know people won't be fooled by this power grab by the Government. People won't be fooled by the popularist attempts to justify reducing our rights by references to those the Government think will be considered "undeserving". People won't be fooled by the Government's attempts to dress up a new law that lessens their accountability to us, as something positive by calling it a bill of rights. We all know rules matter, not just the rules the Government wants to play by, but the rules that make sure we can hold them to account for treating us with dignity and respect. People won't be fooled; we know that our Human Rights Act matters every day, to everyone, and that's why it must stay.

If you want to find out more about how the Human Rights Act works and why we need to protect it, come along to our free, online event on Thursday 12th May from 6pm - 7.30pm. Read more about the event and register here.