We are happy to announce the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have published a selection of Case Studies of Healthcare and service providers facilitating access to healthcare for people seeking asylum. These case studies were collected by BIHR and highlight good practice in tackling the barriers people in the asylum system are facing when accessing healthcare.

The healthcare and service providers included are from all over the UK and demonstrate a human rights approach to care for people seeking and refused asylum. It is hope that these case studies can support organisations when they are planning for or improving services. The publication includes a checklist for consideration by healthcare service providers and commissioners to ensure a human rights-based approach for people in the asylum system

EHRC produced these case studies as a response to their research which found that barriers such as cost, fears about how they will be treated and potential consequences for their immigration status, are preventing people seeking or refused asylum from using health services.

To be protected by the Human Rights Act, all you need is to be human and here in the UK. This means that people who are in the UK and seeking asylum, or have been granted refugee status, have the same rights as everyone else under the under the HRA. You can read our briefing on how refugees and people seeking asylum are protected by our Human Rights Act, and have used it to change their lives for the better, here.