BIHR’s Deputy Director, Sanchita Hosali, has been invited to speak at today’s Inspirational Women and the Law event, hosted by Newcastle University. The event celebrates iconic and influential women of the law and aims to inspire the next generation of women and men by bringing together nine high-achieving yet diverse women who will speak about their experiences of working in and with the law. The speakers have a range of backgrounds including in the judiciary, politics, journalism, NGOs, charities and, of course, the legal profession. 

The plenary address is being delivered by Lady Hale, the only (ever) female member of the UK's highest court, the Supreme Court.  Sanchita will be speaking with seven others including Vera Baird QC; Pragna Patel; Fiona Bawdon; Shauneen Lambe; Cris McCurley; Hilary Prescott; and Caoilfhionn Gallagher.

Sanchita said:

“I’m delighted to have been asked to take part in the Inspirational Women and the Law event. As a human rights advocate who works beyond the courts I see the value of law as a tool for social justice, providing the building blocks for our democracy, and making real and powerful differences to people in their everyday lives. And as feminist, I’m excited to be a part of work that celebrates the experiences and achievements of women in the law, especially as the event is hosted by Newcastle University, where I gained by LLB in Law.”

An exhibition recording and promoting the achievements of a number of women who have worked with the law or used the law to achieve significant change is also being launched today. For further information please visit