Since the passing of the Human Rights Act (HRA) BIHR has worked with a range of public bodies, services and community groups to support the integration and use of human rights in day to day work. We work across the UK and whilst we work on lots of issues we have a particular expertise in human rights and health and social care. In recent years we've been involved in working with a number of advocacy and support groups, NHS Trusts, and NHS England, encouraging them to make better use of the HRA, and through this for services to meet their legal duties and better support a culture of respect for human rights. Based on our experience, we were invited to share our learning with NHS England’s Quality Improvement Taskforce for Children and Young People’s Mental Health Inpatient Services. It became clear that both staff and patients involved in this work saw a significant gap in human rights practice in children's inpatient mental health services, and the potential for human rights practice to help improve the experiences of children and young people (and their families / supporters) in services. NHSE have asked BIHR to develop a programme of human rights learning to support both staff working in children's inpatient mental health services, with parallel support sessions for young people who are or have accessed these services, their loved ones, advocates and supporters. Find out more about the programme in the remaining FAQs or on the project page.