We acknowledge that a significant amount of change is needed within the health and social care sector in general, and within children and young people's mental health in-patient services. Too often there are reports and exposes on the poor, often traumatic, experiences people face when they should be receiving support. These are often referred to as failings or bad practice; we call these human rights abuses. We see human rights abuses occurring because there are both systemic issues and because of the everyday interactions between staff, patients, families and supporters. Addressing the systems issues is vital, and big work, which we contribute to through our policy work; but whilst this is happening, people are still experiencing poor decision-making and support which impacts their rights. This programme, therefore, will disrupt that decision-making, moving the discussions away from what is "usually done" or whether something is fair, to what are people's rights and the legal duties to meet these through our everyday actions. This programme is not a magic wand, it is one part of the solution. If we want to prevent human rights abuses, we must start from a point that people know what their human rights are, and what their human rights duties to are and what is required to uphold these rights. That is what this programme focusses on supporting.