What are we doing?

Primarily our activities focus on building the knowledge, skills and confidence of staff to make rights-respecting decisions, and for young people and their supporters to frame their concerns and challenges using human rights law. You can find out about the different project activities in more detail here. 


What is the programme NOT?

This is not a quality mark; participating in this programme does not mean services have a human rights "tick". For services, this programme focuses on ensuring there is a base level of knowledge and confidence to make everyday decisions that uphold human rights, whether that means stepping back and not interfering with a child's rights or stepping in to protect rights, or potentially restricting rights but only doing so within the law.  The Human Rights Practice Leads Programme (in Phases 2 and 3) will support this embedding of learning. Being rights-respecting is about every day actions that need to be undertaken every day. It is about taking what it learnt and applying that as the standard way of working.  Staff and the service must take responsibility for this and NHSE and the commissioner and the CQC as the regulator have vital roles in ensuring accountability.