Kay, who has mental health problems, was struggling more and more after the death of her husband. She was placed in 24-hour supported care and her children, Jimmy and Jess were fostered. It was agreed that the children could visit their mum three times a week, but this gradually dwindled to one visit per week because the local authority did not have enough staff to supervise the visits. Both Kay and her children were very distressed by this. Kay’s advocate noted that the local children’s services department had not been invited to regular meetings to discuss Kay’s care, and that Jess and Jimmy’s interests were not being properly represented as a result. After attending a BIHR training session, the advocate referred to the children’s right to respect for family life (Article 8) in her discussions with the mental health team and convinced them to invite children’s services to the next meeting. Following this the three visits each week were restored. From this point onwards, the manager of the children’s care team personally saw to it that each visit took place as promised. Kay and her children have remained very close and recently were able to enjoy a holiday together.