Frannie was discharged from her London mental health hospital before she felt ready. She has recurring thoughts about ending her own life and became frightened after discharge because her follow-up meeting was delayed and didn’t take place within the seven days it was supposed to. 

Jean, Frannie’s advocate was concerned about the situation and spoke to the care and support team. Jean talked about Frannie’s right to life under the Human Rights Act (Article 2) and how services should be taking positive steps to protect her life because Frannie’s care and treatment team knew that she was at risk of suicide. Such steps could include ensuring Frannie had the support she needed.

Initially, the care and support team had offered Frannie a meeting with a support worker once every two weeks. After Jean had raised Frannie’s right to life, the support meetings were increased to once a week. Jean believes that the Human Rights Act made the difference in Frannie’s cases. She said “human rights are so powerful – staff do take their jobs seriously and are trying to do what’s right.”