NSUN (a service user/survivor led organisation) were invited to deliver a learning session for patients on a secure unit, organised by the West London Mental Health NHS Trust. The aim was to inform patients about their rights in the revised Mental Health Code of Practice (April 2015), specifically the new chapters 4-12 on Protecting Patients’ Rights and Autonomy. It became clear that both staff and patients were unaware of rights and patients raised examples of their rights not being respected, such as access to IT communications, lack of appropriate visiting spaces and being told they would lose privileges if they were non-compliant.

NSUN produced a short leaflet on the human rights of people using mental health services. The leaflet was designed to empower people using mental health services about what rights they have and how these are outlined in the revised Code of Practice. In addition NSUN organised some training for staff members on human rights, to empower staff members about rights and to try and avoid any unintentional breaches of people’s rights.

NSUN are a partner on BIHR’s protect Care and Support: A Human Rights Approach to Advocacy