A man was admitted to hospital unconscious. His family found him left in soiled sheets which they complained to the hospital staff about. They also told the hospital that he had a tooth loose which needed treatment. The dentist visited but told the family that the tooth couldn’t be removed without the patient’s consent, which couldn’t be given as he was unconscious. The tooth came loose and ended up on the man’s lung and he now lives with brain damage.

The man’s daughter contacted the local Healthwatch to report their experiences at the hospital and the poor treatment of her father, to try and avoid it happening again. The Chief Executive of the local Healthwatch has monthly meetings with the NHS Trust to discuss any concerns that have been raised by local residents.

After training from BIHR, the local Healthwatch staff recognised this as a human rights issue, and will discuss this with the NHS Trust raising about the father’s well-being (Article 8 in the Human Rights Act) and the family’s right to be consulted and listened to about their father’s care and treatment (Article 8 in the Human Rights Act).

Example from BIHR’s protect Care and Support: A Human Rights Approach to Advocacy