Dara is detained in a mental health hospital. She wants to enroll on an Open University course. She begins the enrollment procedure but discovers she needs the hospital staff to provide some information and to confirm that she is able to make the commitments required by the course. Dara asks the hospital staff to do this but they say they are too busy and keep dismissing her requests.

Dara tells her independent mental health advocate, Connor, about this. Connor has attended BIHR training on human rights and talks to Dara about her right to education (protected by Article 2, Protocol 1 in the Human Rights Act). At the next ward review Dara and Connor raise the enrollment again and talk to staff about her right to education. As a result the ward staff call the university to complete Dara’s enrollment and the doctor agrees to adjust her leave so that Dara can access a computer at the local library.

Example from BIHR’s project Care and Support: A Human Rights Approach to Advocacy