Elsie is in her 70s and has a learning disability and communication difficulties. She is living in an approved care home and her care is funded by the local authority. Elsie has an advocate, Joshua, who has been supporting her to take back control of her finances and open a bank account in her own name. Elsie tells Joshua that the care home was forcing her to go to church, and that she doesn’t want to go. During this visit, Joshua also spots bruises on Elsie’s arms.

Joshua had human rights training from BIHR and recognised that this was about Elsie’s right to be free from abuse (protected by Article 3 in the Human Rights Act). Elsie told Joshua she was being abused by the manager/owner of the care home.

Joshua raised this with his manager and social services were alerted, as well as the Care Quality Commission. The care home was investigated and the CQC are considering taking enforcement action against the home. The police are also investigating the abuse.

Example from BIHR’s project Care and Support: A Human Rights Approach to Advocacy

This example is also shared in BIHR's booklet Mental Health, Mental Capacity: My human rights