Safeguarding and human rights go hand in hand. Councillors and local authority officers working on safeguarding engage with human rights every day and have a vital role in upholding human rights. This course will outline how human rights underpin safeguarding procedures and practices, giving you the knowledge and confidence to use human rights in your safeguarding practice.

This course will cover a broad range of adult safeguarding practice areas, including violence against women, mental health and mental capacity such as learning disability or dementia. New statutory requirements in the Care Act and other legal frameworks require a balancing of rights and duties. This course will equip you with the information and tools on how to do this in a way that meets the legal requirements in the Human Rights Act, enabling positive practice that puts people at the heart of good, defensible decision-making.

The course will help participants strengthen their understanding of what the Human Rights Act means for everyday safeguarding practice. It includes:

  • Plain language explanations of the law
  • The use of relevant real-life examples
  • Interactive exercises including group discussion and worked through case studies
  • Tips and tools for developing your safeguarding practice

BIHR have partnered with LGiU to host this event: places can be booked through LGiU's website.