Councillors and local authority officers engage with human rights every day, often in quite ordinary ways, and have a vital role in upholding human rights in the community. The Human Rights Act places a legal duty on those in local government to act compatibly with human rights, ensuring that human rights are considered when developing policies, making laws, delivering services and making decisions. This is not simply about legal compliance. The role of human rights goes to the heart of what local government aspires to achieve, helping to:

  • Strengthen its long term strategic vision and values
  • Achieve more meaningful engagement and participation with the local community;
  • Improve decision-making for policy and service delivery, increasing transparency and accountability; and securing better outcomes for people;
  • Provide staff with clear guidance on how to deliver and apply a range of duties and powers; and
  • Mitigating the risk of reputations damage and complaints.

This seminar will help participants strengthen their practical understanding of what the Human Rights Act means for local government. It includes:

  • Plain language explanations of the law
  • The use of relevant real life examples
  • Interactive exercises including group discussion and worked through case studies
  • Tips and tools for developing your practice.

BIHR have partnered with LGiU to host this event: places can be booked through LGiU's website.