Please note this session is a repeat of the one that took place on 14 April. The same content will be repeated.

The new Coronavirus Act makes sweeping changes to legislation used daily in public services across the UK. If you’re a practitioner used to using the Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act and/or Care Act, or if you're an advocate supporting a person accessing services, you will now need to understand the changes to these bits of legislation. Changes to time frames, review periods and even access to services which will have a huge impact on the people you work for.

Once you’ve got your head around these changes to your practice, the Coronavirus Act then states that you need to ensure that these changes are applied compatibly with Human Rights law.

This is an incredibly stressful time for people accessing health and care services but also for the people providing care and support.  We’ve spent the last two weeks getting to grips with the new legislation and we’re now able to offer our first Open Session to support people delivering health and care services (in England) to make rights respecting decisions during Co-vid 19. We say in England because although this session will cover UK wide Human Rights Law and may be helpful for all it will focus specifically on changes to Health and Care legislation in England- upcoming sessions will cover the devolved nations. Watch this space. 

Who is this session for?

This session is for anyone working in a health or care setting. If you're a public official struggling with difficult care prioritisation decisions, an advocate who wishes to update your legal knowledge or someone working within a community or third sector organisation this session is for you. 

This training is designed to give anyone working in a health or care setting an introduction to Human Rights and the Coronavirus Act. It will not be specific to one setting but instead include a range of real practice based examples.  

What will be included?

This two hour long session will include:

- A short introduction to human rights law

- Changes to existing legislation and practice as a result of the Coronavirus Act (Care Act, MHA, MCA and SEND legislation)

- The practical framework you can use to make rights respecting decisions at this time or to challenge decisions you believe are not rights respecting.

- Relevant and practice based examples – for discussion

How does it work 

The online training will take place via Zoom. Purchase a ticket below and we will send a Zoom invite in advance of the session. The session will be capped at 30 places, in order to facilitate the interactive aspects. However, if demand is there we will run this more than once to ensure everyone can benefit. 

Before and after the training we will email you a link to a very short online survey. Please fill in both of these surveys as completing them will mean that we can continue to develop our training and respond to people's needs.


£15 per person

This training course would usually cost £30 per person to cover costs, we are seeking funding for future sessions but this is not confirmed yet. However, we understand the urgency of the situation so it's available now at half price £15 per personAs a charity, we do not make a profit on any of our work, ever. 

Bespoke Courses

We have also had various requests for bespoke courses, where organisations can send us through the challenges they face and we will create the requested content to be delivered as a 2 hour session directly to a team of staff. This means that we can support staff to work through the direct challenges they’re facing at this time using the human rights practical framework. 

If you’re interested in discussing a session of the kind, contact our Policy and Programmes manager, Carlyn on [email protected]. Group bookings are charged at a standard day rate and almost always work out cheaper per person than open sessions.

Feedback from our previous online courses on Human Rights and the Coronavirus Act:

- Clear, principled training which reminds us why we do the job we do.

- This training provided really helpful tools that I will use in my everyday practice, great training.

- Clear presentation and relevant to current situation and Coronavirus Act.

Booking for this event has now closed.