The new Coronavirus Act makes sweeping changes to legislation used daily in public services across the UK. 

Some of these changes are in force now (and importantly, some aren’t). Yet we already see people accessing services and their families feeling the direct impact of the new legislation. 

We know that prioritisation of care packages means that people are having their support withdrawn or cut down. We know that in some areas blanket approaches are being taken to advance care planning without consultation with the person or their family. We know that difficult decisions are being made and people are left in already or increasingly vulnerable situations. 

This session provides people and their families with;

  • Support to know when decisions about your care and support may be lawful and when they are not. 

  • Support to think about how to have those conversations with those providing your care and support.

Who is this session for?

This session is for anyone accessing or trying to access health and care who wants to find out more about their legally entitled human rights. It’s also for people who support a family member or a friend who may be experiencing worrying changes to their care or support during co-vid 19. 

This session is not issue or setting specific- it’s a general introduction to human rights during coronavirus and will include a broad range of health and care examples. 

If you work in health/care/social work or you are an Advocacy organisation please don't signup to our course for people accessing services!  We have a separate session for you which you can register for here.This has a small £15pp fee to help us cover costs and to make our session for people with care & support needs free.

What will be included?

This two hour long session will include:

- A short introduction to human rights law

- Changes to existing legislation and practice as a result of the Coronavirus Act and what this might mean for your care and support. 

-How to evaluate if changes to your care and support are human rights compliant and when they are not. 

- The practical framework you can use to have informed discussions with care and support providers at this time or to challenge decisions you believe are not rights respecting.

- Tips on how to use your knowledge to raise your human rights concerns. 

Please note that we can not provide legal advice or respond to individual cases in this webinar. 

How does it work 

The online training will take place via Zoom. Please book a place below and we will send a Zoom invite in advance of the session. 

There will be an online survey sent both before and after the training via email to participants. 

If we can make any reasonable adjustments for you please let us know in the booking form. 


This initial training course is free of charge but you do need to book a place. 

This is our only free session at the moment. We are seeking funding to develop a series of specific sessions to support people with learning disabilities and/or autism, mental health issues (and more) their families are carers.  

Please note that this session is only intended for people accessing or trying to access health and care or for family members supporting them. 

Feedback from our previous courses:

“All training was very relevant and excellent.”

“Just found it really useful as a refresher and feel confidence increased.”

“Was delivered well and clear, questions were answered well. Not too much jargon. Good group session.”

“Today we have learned about our rights in the UK, it has been very helpful for me.”

Booking for this event has now closed.