Share your experiences of Do Not Attempt Resuscitation Orders during Coronavrius and find out more about your human rights!

People, families, friends, carers, advocates and community groups: Learning Disability England will be hosting the online workshop for people, loved ones and community groups. The workshop will be 90 minutes, starting at 10am until 11.30am on 2 December 2020.

Background to the workshop

Since March and the start of Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, there has been a lot of concern about the use of Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Orders (DNACPR / DNR / DNAR). In particular there is a concern that DNAR decisions are being made without involving people, and that they are being made because of people's age or because they are disabled (or both).

The Care Quality Commission is conducting a rapid review of DNAR decisions during Covid-19; this is for England. The investigations for this start in late November, and the CQC will publish the report on its findings in February or March 2020. (CQC Press Release). This means the timeframes for getting information together is quite short. 

Our Workshops

We are working with Learning Disability England and Turning Point to host two workshops to provide people with experience of DNAR during Covid-19 to share their experiences. This will help identify common concerns about the DNAR decisions.

These workshops will provide people with the opportunity to learn more about how human rights are relevant to their lives and work, and especially care and treatment decisions. It will also provide the opporuintiy for people to share their expereinces of DNAR decisions which can be used to produce a human rights report on the use of DNAR decisions during Covid-19. We will provide this to all the people who take part in the workshops and to the CQC. It will be a public report which anyone can use.

This workshop on 2 Dec 2020 is for people, families, carers advocates and community groups.

Our workshop on 11 January 2021 is for staff working in health, care and social work providers and authorites. Find out more about our Staff Workshop here.

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