A human rights approach is the explicit use of human rights values and legal standards in policy, planning and delivery. Using a human rights approach is about making rights a reality in your organisation and using the legal duties in human rights law as a lever for change. It is not about completely changing what you do, but how you do it.

This full day training session will give you the knowledge and confidence to apply a human rights approach to your work. Whether you work in service design or delivery, for an advocacy or support group, or for a regulator, this course will help you to see how human rights are relevant to your work and how to embed them in your organisation.

"Using a human rights approach has revolutionised decision-making. Staff are thinking differently and making decisions differently. It needs to be rights based, not just risk based." Paul Hill, North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Human rights are not 'new' or an 'add on' for organisations. Human rights underpin many of the situations you will come across in your day-to-day work. This course will explain how the framework in the Human Rights Act can be helpful as a practical tool to improve decision-making, reconnect the workforce with their values and help change the culture of your organisation.

The course will cover:

  • Human rights principles: reconnecting to values
  • Human Rights Act: a lever for change
  • Key rights: real life examples of improved decision-making
  • Human rights approach: changing the culture of your organisation

All participants will receive a pack of BIHR’s well respected resources including:

  • Posters about the relevance of human rights for your service, including accessible version
  • Posters about making rights-respecting decisions for your service
  • A pack of 8 practitioners resources on Human Rights, Mental Capacity and Mental Health
  • A pack of service user resources on human rights, including accessible version

"Training was at a high level, which was stimulating professionally. Delivered by an expert at an extremely high standard. Exceptional." Council team manager, Bedford

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