Supporting BIHR really makes a difference:

Giving £10 a month supports the costs of providing 200 family carers, older people, disabled people, and people with mental health problems with a copy of our practical Your Human Rights Guides, helping them to make sure that services are treating them fairly and with the dignity and respect that we should all receive.

Giving £20 a month helps us to provide British Sign Langauage interpreters and note-takers at our training courses, supporting members of the deaf community to access our human rights education and learn more about their rights, and how to put them into practice in their everyday life.

Giving £50 a month makes a significant contribution to BIHR's vital work in ensuring respect for our human rights laws and systems, and making sure that when law and policy is being developed, those in power hear the voices of people from across the UK, including some of the most marginalised members of our communities. 

Any amount - whether a one-off donation or regular support - will make a difference and you can be confident that BIHR will put it to the best possible use. 

Thank you for your support