Update! Our Know Your Human Rights tool for women survivors has now been launched. You can access it herewww.knowyourhumanrights-domesticabusesurvivors.co.uk

5 December 2020

Today is Day 11 of this year's 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

On this day, we are sharing a bit of insight into the difference that human rights knowledge can make to women rebuilding their lives after domestic abuse. As our Human Rights Officer Eilidh described in her recent blog, at BIHR we often speak about the “lightbulb moment”: the moment where people make the connection between human rights and their lives or the work they do every day.

Recently, we've been working with women who have experienced domestic abuse to develop a tool to support people to know their rights and the duties on public bodies when rebuilding their lives after domestic abuse. Read more about this work here, and take a sneak preview of the tool here, as part of the 16 Days of Activism! We've also delivered human rights sessions to staff working with people who have experienced domestic abuse, supporting them to know the human rights framework so they can support women to know their rights too. Learn more about this work here.

Through this work with women and staff, we have been able to support women to have that "lightbulb moment" where they can see how human rights can make a difference in their lives - when interacting with public services and rebuilding their lives. In the words of one women we've worked with, this is the difference that human rights knowledge makes:

"Given my past experiences I have really struggled with standing up for myself and my rights, I haven’t had any confidence. But now I know that it is the law for me to have my rights upheld, I feel like I can use human rights when I want to challenge a decision or try to get a better solution."

It's fantastic to know that our work can make such a difference. Find out more about our work here.