Joining in the Conversation: 15 Days of Action on the Human Rights Act

 We have a whole host of social media opportunities for getting involved with the 15 Days of Action, starting with a big push using #HRA15 on 2 Oct. You can                                                                                                                                                          

  • Tweet your birthday message to the Human Rights Act using #ImAlrightWithHumanRights and #HRA15. If you joined in with the Great Human Rights Act Bake Off, don’t forget to tweet us your pictures!
  • Say Happy Birthday to the Human Rights Act via Facebook, adding your message of support for the protection of universal human rights here at home.


Each year in the life of the Human Rights Act

Each day from 2 October we’ll be celebrating a year in the life of the Human Rights Act, with 15 days of action. We’ll be kicking off with a blog on 2 Oct looking back at the Act coming into force in 2000. The following days will mark another year in the life of the Act, looking at landmark cases or human rights stories. You can get involved by joining the conversation, perhaps writing your own blog and by tweeting using #HRA15, or by following the discussion on Twitter (@BIHRhumanrights) or on our blog Act For UK Rights. Get in touch if you’d like to write a blog piece!