Lobby your MP

The Human Rights Act is under threat. Local constituents can have a very strong influence on their MP. Write to or visit your MP and ask them what they will do to safeguard the future of the Human Rights Act.

How to lobby your MP

Make an appointment to go and see your MP. To find out who your MP is visit ww.theyworkforyou.com.

You can make an appointment through your MP’s constituency office, or by emailing them. Alternatively, all MPs run local surgeries so why not visit your to talk about your concerns about threats to the Human Rights Act? Their constituency office or your local council will have details.


Prior to the meeting do some research. What has your MP previously said and done about the Human Rights Act?

You don’t need to be a human rights expert. You simply need to be able to ask them questions and explain to them why the safeguarding of the Human Rights Act is important to you and should be to them.

Take along a copy of Changing Lives to give them. Changing Lives is a BIHR publication that through case studies demonstrates why the Human Rights Act is so important to people's everyday lives and can be downloaded here. Contact us on info@bihr.org.uk for a hard copy.

Your meeting

Keep a record of anything they say. Let them know that you will be following their progress and actions on the issue and that you’ll be writing them in the future to follow up.


  • Write and thank them for their time
  • Let BIHR know what the outcome was
  • Remind them of actions they agreed to take
  • Keep them informed of future BIHR projects or events


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