Policy & National Advocacy

Through our policy and advocacy work BIHR aims to contribute to a broader understanding of the value, meaning and scope of human rights for all people in the UK.

What we do

Our policy and advocacy work focuses on securing the UK's system of human rights protection, particularly the Human Rights Act. In doing so we seek to develop a fresh narrative about human rights which shows how human rights are a vital safety net for us all, and why they matter in our everyday lives.


Unique voice

Our work on practice-based projects (e.g. in health and care, in the community and other areas) and training and consultancy work helps inform our analysis of policy and legal proposals. BIHR has a  unique role in communicating this story of human right in practice to a broad range of audiences, including law-makers, policy-influncers and the media.


Focus areas

Our work focuses on securing our human rights protections, and making sure these do not go backwards, particularly in debates about any new Bill of Rights. We also undertake policy work which clarifies who has obligations to protect and respect rights under the Human Rights Act, and which shows the value of the Act as a yardstick to measure whether law and practice is meeting people's basic rights:



  • The Human Rights Alliance: Find out about an informal group of 100+ members who work on various issues, but share a common aim of promoting respect for human rights through our work



  • Protection in Health and Care: Find out about our work to make sure the law is clear and people, often in vulnerable situations, are able to benefit from the protection of the Human Rights Act


  • Mental Health Law, Policy and Practice: Find out how the Human Rights Act provides an important yardstick to measure how well mental health law, policy and practice is meeting people's basic human rights


  • Family Rights and Migration: Find out about our work looking at the impact of immigration rules on people's family life rights, including British citizens



Please contact Sanchita Hosali, Deputy Director, for more information about our policy and advocacy work by email or call 0207 882 5850.