Changing the Face of Human Rights

Whilst there are many human rights issues in the UK that need to be addressed, such as malnutrition in care homes or a lack of support for disabled people to live in dignity in their own homes, awareness that these problems are human rights issues remains low.

In the absence of proper public information and discussion about human rights, disadvantaged people have little awareness of what their rights are and how their lives can be improved by claiming them. Voluntary organisations that support excluded groups are often similarly unaware.

Demonstrating the practical and everyday relevance of human rights is vital to give vulnerable people the best chances of both realising their rights and improving their lives. BIHR's Changing the Face of Human Rights initiative aims to engage a wide range of people and organisations in developing fresh thinking about human rights. We want to challenge misleading portrayals of human rights, and explore innovative ways of stimulating positive public discourse about them.

We do this in a number of ways:


Read about our ISIS film project, a groundbreaking film production and training initiative designed to produce insightful human rights documentaries, and give sixteen talented women directors the skills they need to get ahead in the TV industry.

Find out about our photography project, through which human rights activists, community groups and the people they work with tell their own human rights stories.


Attend our renowned Lunchtime Lectures - a fantastic opportunity to  question high profile speakers on a range of human rights issues.

Read about January 2009's Changing the Face of Human Rights Conference which brought together journalists, lawyers, community representatives, academics, artists, politicians and public officials to discuss how human rights are understood in the UK and explore ways of making them more relevant to people's everyday lives.


Read about BIHR's policy and public affairs work here.


What do human rights mean to you? Find out what they mean to poet Benjamin Zephaniah, comedian Jeremy Hardy, women and children's rights campaigner Shahida Choudury, journalists Afua Hirsch and Kevin Maguire, and Quaker Marjorie Lazaro.

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