Speak up for the Human Rights Act - take action before it's too late!

The attacks on the Human Rights Act from certain political and media quarters are continuing in earnest. With the Government's Commission on a UK Bill of Rights having started its process of public consultation now is the time for all us to speak up and make our voices heard!

With the media and political commotion surrounding the Human Rights Act, including calls for getting rid of this vital law, we are worried that the Commission on a UK Bill of Rights may end up undermining the Human Rights Act and taking the legal protection of rights in the UK backwards. We believe the Commission needs to hear the often untold stories of how the Human Rights Act is working beyond the courtrooms to make a positive difference to the lives of countless individuals, how it is a powerful accountability tool for voluntary and community groups and helps the public sector to deliver dignified services.
At the most basic level human rights are about human beings so all of us have an interest in speaking up for the legal protection of human rights. That is why the British Institute of Human Rights is working support a broad range of voices to engage with the Commission so that it hears from more than the “usual” suspects in the human rights crowd. Together we can send a powerful message to the Commission and the Government that the Human Rights Act is important to all of us and we will stand shoulder to shoulder to defend this vital law.
Whether you are an individual, from a voluntary or community groups, or a public sector worker you can find out more information on this page to help you understand the issues and take action! Click below to find about more about the important role you can play in these national debates!
I'm an individual why should I speak up for the Human Rights Act?
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Read BIHR’s Briefing on the Commission on a UK Bill of Rights and the current consultation on its Discussion Paper for more information, tips and suggestions for responding to the Commission!


This first stage of consultation by the Commission on a UK Bill of Rights closes on 11 November 2011.


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Published: October 31, 2011

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