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Support BIHR this Small Charities Week

18 June 2014

This week is Small Charity Week (16-20 June), which helps to raise awareness of the valuable work small charities do. That includes, of course, the work of BIHR! We need you, find out how you can support us.

The Holocaust and Human Rights: Time to Remember, Take Action Today

30 May 2014

Today sees the close of the Prime Minister’s Commission on the Holocaust, which is seeking views on what further measures should be taken to ensure the permanent, fitting and meaningful memorial and educational resources around the Holocaust. With reports of increased racism in the UK and negative rhetoric around our human rights law, this is perhaps the most fitting time for us to remind ourselves about the all too often overlooked relationship between the Holocaust and the legal protection of basic human rights. Find out how you can make your voice heard!

European Court rules that reduction in care package of an older disabled woman raises questions about the protection of human rights

20 May 2014

 Today the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that that the local authority withdrawal of night-time care from Ms McDonald breached her human rights for almost a year before proper processes were completed. Significantly, the Court has found a breach of the right to respect for private and family life, in the provision of support services for a disabled person. The Court emphasises the importance human rights places on dignity, a principle which now clearly applies in provision and decisions associated with welfare support, and one which shows the importance of the human rights saftey-net in times of austerity.


BIHR welcomes Government concession that Human Rights Act applies in care services

13 May 2014

BIHR and others, including almost 18, 000 individuals has called for clarification that Human Rights Act protections extend to people receiving care services. Read BIHR's reactions to the Government accepting our arguments

Human rights victory for people receiving care services

8 May 2014

BIHR responds to passing of Government's admendment to the Care Bill improving access to human rights protections in care settings