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Are We Britain’s Best-Loved Small Charity?

1 July 2014

Well, yes it appears so! BIHR is delighted to announce that we won (tied with the Cow Milk Protein Allergy Support) the Small Charity Week competition on Twitter. This is an amazing achievement and testament to our supporters across social media- quite literally, we couldn’t have done it without you!

STATEMENT: BIHR response to Home Care Inquiry commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

23 November 2011

The British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) welcomes the EHRC’s inquiry into home care as it is an issue that is easily overlooked and rarely gets the attention it deserves. The inquiry demonstrates how far we still have to go to ensure that the basic human rights of some of the most vulnerable people within society are adequately protected.

BIHR in the recent media

3 November 2011

BIHR media roundtable on reconciling right to privacy with freedom of expression.

Liberal Conspiracy blog on our Universal Periodic Review awareness-raising event.

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PRESS RELEASE: BIHR response to the Care Quality Commission’s report into dignity and nutrition for older people

26 May 2011

Stephen Bowen, Director of the British Institute of Human Rights, said:
“It is disgraceful that basic human rights such as adequate food and drink are not being met in all our hospitals, as the latest Care Quality Commission’s inspections reveal.
“When the Human Rights Act is regularly denigrated by so many of our leaders and media its fundamental role is simply lost. This role is to protect everyone, particularly the most vulnerable people in our society and provide remedies when basic human rights standards are not met.

The end of the Women's National Commission?

14 October 2010

The coalition government has announced plans to abolish the Women's National Commission as part of its 'Quango cull'. BIHR and nearly 30 leading women's organisations have written to Theresa May urging her to reverse the decision.

Human rights and spending cuts

7 July 2010

BIHR Director Katie Ghose has written in the guardian about how human rights can help to tackle savage spending cuts.

Human rights and the election - joint letter to the Guardian

15 April 2010

Read a Joint letter from RADAR, Age UK, Carers UK, Child Poverty Action Group and BIHR responding to the election manifesto pledges in the Guardian newspaper on 15 April 2010.

NHS and the fight for human rights

13 April 2010

In this Guardian article, Jane Dudman explores the potential benefits of a human rights based approach to healthcare. The article focuses on Mersey Care NHS Trust, on of the pilot NHS Trusts taking part in our Human Rights in Healthcare project. It includes a quote from BIHR Director Katie Ghose.

Bankers and the Human Rights Act, Guardian Online

16 December 2009

In this article, journalist Afua Hirsch comments on bankers and the Human Rights Act, noting the irony 'that while bankers have been able to embrace the language of human rights when it suits them, the most vulnerable members of society have no prospect of challenging depressing levels of cuts to public services'.

BIHR's local government work highlighted in the Guardian

28 October 2009

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Liza Ramrayka reports on a recent roundtable to examine the implications for local government of embedding human rights in service delivery. 

Read the full article here.