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Scoping Report


Scoping Report



Empowering voluntary sector organisations

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Table of Contents

1.  Introduction

  1. Project overview
  2. Identifying areas of need
  3. Structure of the report

2.  A Human Rights Based Approach

  1. The role of the voluntary sector

3.    Human rights issues in health and social care

  1. The Human Rights Act
    1. Right to life
    2. Malnutrition and dehydration
    3. Private life and inhuman and degrading treatment
    4. The right to liberty
    5. Consent, participation, information
    6. Discrimination
    7. Commissioned services
  2. Using the Human Rights Act: the role of the voluntary sector

3.3  The right to health

  1. Immediate obligations
  2. Further obligations under the right to health
  3. Underlying determinants of health
  4. Underlying determinants: a rights based approach

4 The voluntary sector and healthcare

  1. Human rights awareness
  2. Adding human rights to the equatio
  3. A human rights perspective

5  Recommendations

  1. Pilot organisations
  2. Involving other organisations
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