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Understanding human rights


Understanding human rights


This section contains links to general information on human rights, including where human rights come from and the principles that underpin human rights law.

What are human rights?

This BIHR briefing is a short 6 page introduction to human rights, including information about where human rights come from, the kind of rights protected by human rights laws, and a brief overview domestic and international human rights law.

Human rights in action: a toolkit for change

This toolkit is an introductory resource on human rights, aimed at anyone working in the voluntary and community sector in the UK. It will also be of general use for anyone wanting to know about how human rights apply to UK issues.

Ours to own: understanding human rights

This guide produced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission looks at what human rights mean in the context of everyday life and how they have affected real people. It also looks at some of the general criticisms of human rights and provides a list of organisations that can give you information about human rights.

Ours to own: understanding human rights (easy read)

This booklet produced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission is in easy read format. It tells you about some human rights and how they can help you. You will read about how people have used human rights laws. There is also information about how to contact the EHRC and get their other easy read booklets.

Human Rights through the ages video

This short video explores rights and human rights through the ages since the Magna Carta. It also includes media commentary with some genuine recent headlines.

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