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Age UK release 'Care in Crisis 2012' report


Age UK release 'Care in Crisis 2012' report

Extracts from the Summary of Age UK 'Care in Crisis 2012' report:
• There is serious underspend on older people’s social care.
• Councils have cut back on their service provision.
• Many older people miss out altogether, remaining outside of the state care system.
• The financial demands on older people who receive care are increasing.
• Funding for frontline services has not been protected.
• Additional money from the NHS has not filled the gap.
• Taking into account growing demand as well the gap is even greater.

• Just to maintain the status quo a steady increase in funding will be needed.
• Provision should be extended to support people who fund their own care.
• Meeting moderate needs also needs to be factored in to the overall sums for reform.

Access the Age UK's full report, 'Care in Crisis 2012' by following this link.

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