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Consultant claims patients have been physically harmed at St Bartholomew's hospital


Consultant claims patients have been physically harmed at St Bartholomew's hospital

Resignation email by Barts and the London orthopaedic consultant sparks inquiry

An inquiry has been launched into a leading London hospital trust after a consultant claimed in a devastating resignation email that poor management and government cuts had resulted in infections, pain and starvation for dozens of patients.

David Goodier, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Barts and the London NHS Trust, wrote that patients with broken bones were being physically harmed as managers strove to hit waiting list targets and cut budgets.

Prof Norman Williams, the president of the Royal College of Surgeons who works part time at the hospital, has also written to the hospital's medical council expressing his own concerns at an apparent "appalling deterioration" of surgical services. He warned that a failure to investigate could result in allegations of a cover-up similar to "Mid Staffs" – a reference to Mid Staffordshire hospital, where hundreds of patients died because of substandard care.

Now, the Royal College has been asked by the hospital to conduct an independent inquiry into Goodier's claims and similar complaints from other members of staff...[story continues]

Extract from the resignation email: 

"I have been complicit in a poor standard of trauma care and am guilty of negligence by association. I can no longer stand idly by when patients are at best having their human rights breached, and at worst physically harmed by the care they receive at BLT. It is personally a huge wrench to tear myself away from the hospital I started at as a medical student in 1980 and as a consultant in 1996 … Good luck to you all, and goodbye."


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